Who We Are

Here at Anires X Style we are dedicated to helping others build their wardrobe and to not just shop! At Anires X Style women's apparel and accessories can be purchased during a single shopping session individually or in one of our non subscription Style Boxes. The Style Box comes loaded with quality items that build to your already existing wardrobe. The Anires X Style Box is about the whole look, not just the outfit.

The Swim Style Box will be released July 2019. Stay Tuned!

Anires X Style was founded in 2018 by blog/content creator of Aniresnyc.com, (Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog) Serina. Serina decided to create a shopping experience for the elegant lady who appreciates timeless and classic pieces that are also effortless. 

Fun Fact:

Anires is Serina Backwards (Pronounced: Uh-neer-res) 

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